SDGsPosts Reduced Inequalities









  • Fund Raising Futsal Match. NUST Community Services Club organizes Footy Mania, a fund raiser match for paying the fee of deserving students of NUST every year. The event depicts the true picture of collaboration among the student body and the university to support financially feeble students.
  • Play by NUST Community Services Club. The Club organized a play ‘Patang’ staged by special children of HEC National School of Special Children in the main campus. The event was specially designed for these children.
  • NUST Community Services Club – ‘Kanck of All’. With a view of providing underprivileged children a platform to show case their skills, NUST Community Services Club organized ‘Knack of All’ at SOS village. The activities were focused on public speaking, self-defense and career counselling. The program aimed to develop new skills in children and prepare them to face the challenges and overcome the disadvantages associated with economic inequality.
  • NUST Community Services Club – Tutoring sessions.  A tentative team of 5 members was formed, who were appointed to visit Afghan Abadi, Sector H-12, Islamabad, seven days a week. The volunteers were responsible to teach basic Urdu speaking skills to children of age 5 to 15 from scratch. They were also responsible to make them read and write basic counting and English alphabets. Apart from that the team also tried to inculcate the basic values, etiquettes and awareness in them. Despite being low on resources, the volunteers were able to harness the exuberance of the students and create a stimulating learning environment for them to garner knowledge. 
  • NUST Community Services Club – Computer classes. A team of students from NUST went to a children’s school in Police Lines in H-11, Islamabad to equip them with the skills necessary to use a computer. Over the course of two visits, the children were taught the very rudimentary concepts of computer usage. They were introduced to the hardware components of a computer and were taught how to complete simple tasks such as copying, pasting and deleting data, minimising and maximising windows and changing desktop wallpapers. The children were very enthusiastic learners and they showed that by asking pertinent questions and completing their home assignments on time.