SDGsPosts No Poverty


  • NUST Relief Campaign for IDPs. To help settle IDPs, NCSC held fund raising for the provision of essential items, especially stationery items to school children at the IDP camp in Bannu, KPK. The students managed to procure 500 school bags and stationery items like copies, colored pencils and writing material.
  • Cash Distribution to Flood Affected Blue Collar NUST Staff. NCSC worked hand in hand with NUST Administration to distribute cash donations amongst NUST NG Staff who were affected due to the vigorous floods of Punjab in 2014. Such initiatives promote empathy and play a tremendous role in reducing the financial stress on the lower income communities.
  • Cloth Donation Drive: NCSC conducted cloth donation drive on 8th Feb 2020. NCSC in collaboration with Noreen Welfare Trust was able to procure a lot of winter clothes to warm the cold, harsh winters of the underprivileged, all thanks to the masses’ generous donations.