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NUST Summer School


NUST Summer School is pre-university program, designed to spread awareness among high-school students, while targeting students who are about 16 years of age. It commences in the summer vacation period (July) every year under the aegis of Student Affairs  Directorate in the H-12 Main Campus.

  • To provide the participants an insight into University life
  • To build bridge between University and the people for socio-cultural entrepreneurship, confidence building and skills development by combining classrooms, sports and cultural activities and tour program
  • To introduce the university and project its image among the general public
  • To assist students in identifying their areas of interest so that they can make well-informed career choices
  • To conducts psychological tests for the Summer Camp students to meet the wellbeing and personal development of all student
  • Develops a Social Understanding.  As participants are from several different regions/provinces and are put under one roof; they learn about each other’s culture and general thinking etc helping them to realise that they all are connected
  • Increases Confidence and Social Skills. One of the most documented benefits of attending NSS is the confidence it gives to so many young participants. Many of them have not been away from home for a prolonged period and attending a NSS allows them to do so in a supervised and supportive environment that is specifically designed for them. For many, this might be the first time that they had to make new friends or interact with people on a daily basis whom they do not know
  • Promotes Physical Activity. More and more young people spend maximum time inside their rooms, choosing to play on electronic gadgetries rather than taking part in sports or spending time outdoors. NSS gives a good activity schedule promoting outdoor learning and activities having the added benefit of encouraging students to get outside and take part in physical activities
  • Creates Friendships. Attending NSS allows students to meet others of a similar age, from all parts of the country, which give them the opportunity to make friends from different cultures and backgrounds.
Procedure of Registration

Interested participant to log in to NSS website and complete the registration process by depositing Rs. 500/- as registration fee and submit the deposited chalan fee form to Student Affair Directorate, through e-mail. After confirmation from the Bank, a new chalan form will be forwarded to candidate for depositing the NSS Fee within stipulated timeframe. Once the participant had deposited the NSS fee in the bank, they have to submit the copy of deposited chalan form and thereafter, instructions of NSS will be mailed to them.

Fee Structure

With effect from 2020, the approved fee structure of NSS is given below. Same will be reviewed with time to time: –

  • Registration Fee – 500.00
  • Fee (Day Scholar) – 20,000.00
  • Fee (Hostelites) – 25,000.00