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NUST Food Bank

NUST Food Bank is functioning under Student Affairs Directorate / Community Services Club. It aims to inculcate empathy and compassion in the affluent segment of the society towards the underprivileged. It aims to encourage the resourceful people/organizations with abundant food to donate the surplus to those who often sleep with an empty stomach. ‘Froods’ is run purely by NUST students, who collect the food and distribute it among the impoverished through its Food Bank. It also aims to curtail the enormous wastage of food from marriage halls and food outlets by collecting excess food at the end of the day and distributing it among the needy with responsibility and ensuring the sanctity of human dignity. ‘Froods’ is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger.

Distribution Campaigns within/outside NUST premises:  

The distribution is an ongoing process wherein “FROODS” council distribute the food to the different segments of society, who are considered underprivileged. Approximately 60 individuals are given food during each campaign duly packed in styrofoam boxes with variety of either “Vegetable Pulao, Chicken Pulao, or Channa Pulao”.

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