News Revival of Clubs and Societies

Revival of Clubs and Societies

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“Let’s get back to work but wear a mask first”

The past 2 years have been challenging and devastating for the whole world. The strict lockdowns had resulted in the closure of physical activities of Clubs and Societies. NUST has provided the extra enthusiastic students, who are now beaming with happiness and joy, to get back to their normal routines of their societies to breathe again and start planning activities. The pandemic has made us realized that this world is full of possibilities and we made it through the tough times and will continue to do so by learning the lessons from the ongoing pandemic. Following are some of the events which have been executed recently and which show that our Clubs and Societies are back to normal:

Qehqaha Ya Dewaar-e-Girya on 11th Oct,2021

With celebrative hearts and rejuvenated hopes, N7UST Literary Circle returned with an eve of cheerfulness. On 11th Oct 2021 NLC conducted poetic session of “Qehqaha Ya Dewaar-e-Girya” at Jinnah Auditorium in a face to face interactive session after two years of wait and tolerance under strict SOP’s. Famous nationwide poet Mr. Anwar Masood was invited to fill the audience with fusion of literature and distribute giggles in his typical manner.

Deaftawk Seminar on 13th Oct,2021

NUST Bio Reach Society started off this tenure with a seminar to commemorate the International Day of sign language in collaboration with “Deaf Tawk”. It is an organization that is providing field to people with hearing impairment. This seminar was conducted to create awareness, motivate the youth to learn sign language and be more inclusive towards mute and deaf people.

Movie Night on 14th Oct,2021

With life at NUST back to full swing, NUST Digital Club screened the action packed 2020 thriller movie “The Old Guard” on 14th Oct, 2021 at NIT Seminar Hall. The purpose of this event was to resume club activities after a prolonged interruption owing to COVID and to provide students with an entertaining activity within NUST. The screening started at 6pm sharp and it ended around 9pm.

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