News Play by NUST Dramatic Club – “Khouf”- 8th Sep, 2022

Play by NUST Dramatic Club – “Khouf”- 8th Sep, 2022

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This year, NUST Dramatics Club collaborated with Orientation of NUST, to present the freshmen batch with one of their trademark plays. The play took place on Day 4 of the event, Thursday, 8th September 2022. The entirety of Jinnah Auditorium was filled with students from the freshmen batch and members of the Organizing Committee of ON ’22. The play was a resounding success with all of the audience members leaving the venue highly satisfied, having enjoyed the proceedings immensely.

The play was a combination of serious and comedy themes, several lighthearted moments sprinkled in with the serious tones. It featured a storyline featuring a family struggling with their daughter having suffered from a demonic possession, and their journey in trying to rid her of this problem.

The total duration for the play was around 45 minutes and towards the end, the audience was left reminiscing about some of the more memorable moments from the performance.

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