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“Open the wings of freedom and make your dream true of flying in the air”

NUST Paragliding Club aims at empowering people to soar over the horizons, literally and figuratively. They arranged an event of Paragliding Training Session at Army School of Physical Training, Abbottabad. It was 4 days trip where students experienced best time of their life. It was conducted from 9th to 12th April 2018. At 1st day a short stay was planned at Khanpur where they did some water sports activities such as jet skiing, boating etcetera. On the same day they reached ASPT, Abbottabad where they got trained by their specialized staff for about 2 days. For their final flights they were taken to Mung, and each student got a chance to take 2 flights so that they can have an incredible experience of those few minutes in the sky when you are flying with that Parachute wide opened, turning it sideways and then those ‘full brakes’ and your feet touches the ground.

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